Unemployment falling across Hammersmith and Fulham

idsSince Labour left office in May 2010 there has been a big fall in unemployment across our borough.

Here are the latest figures for each ward of the number claiming Job Seekers Allowance last month – with the figure in brackets for the number claiming it in May 2010.

Addison Ward –  229 (down from 296)

Askew Ward – 409 (down from 488)

Avonmore and Brook Green – 172 (down from 262)

College Park and Old Oak – 269 (down from 291)

Fulham Broadway – 204 (down from 315)

Fulham Reach – 138 (down from 254)

Hammersmith Broadway – 236 ( down from 406)

Munster – 87 (down from 178)

North End – 190 (down from 318)

Palace Riverside – 52 (down from 84)

Ravenscourt Park – 127 (down from 305)

Sands End – 251 (down from 328)

Shepherd’s Bush Green – 394 (down from 459)

Town – 157 (down from 266)

Wormholt and White City – 435 (down from 515)

So the fall has been greater in some wards than others. Unemployment in Shepherd’s Bush remains stubbornly high. However the fact that there has been a fall in every single ward in our borough, since the end of the end of the disastrous Labour Government, is hugely welcome. It is a vindication not only of George Osborne’s economic policies but also of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms to ensure work pays.

In the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham as a whole the fall is from 4,910 in May 2010 to 3,440 last month. In the Hammersmith constituency the fall is from 3,594 in May 2010 to 2,599 last month. In the Chelsea and Fulham constituency it’s from 1,957 to 1,232.

Socialists say that they care about unemployment. I’m sure they are sincere. But the problem is that socialist policies are anti business and thus destroy jobs.

Ever Labour Government has presided over an increase in unemployment.

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