The latest Ravenscourt Park Ward e-bulletin

Dear Resident,
I hope you have all being enjoying the beautiful Hammersmith weather.

A few items to update you on:

To recap… In 2012 the NHS published proposals for a very severe downgrading of Charing Cross Hospital. While accepting the case that a move from general hospitals to specialist hospitals would save lives – especially for those needing life saving operations at weekends – the then Conservative-run Council regarded the proposals as unacceptable.

That was because they failed to ensure that residents would still be able to obtain the routine treatment they needed locally.

After some considerable lobbying there were substantial changes. In February last year the revised proposals were published detailing how 85% of those using the hospital would continue to do so.

In May this year Labour were elected to run the Hammersmith and Fulham Council on the basis of their (false) claim that the hospital was due to close and the (false) claim that the proposals had not been changed.

They also gave an “early pledge” to “block” the proposals. That has already proved to be dishonest bluster.

The latest version does indicate there has been a further change to what is proposed….but it actually seems to be a step back from what was agreed last year.

There will still be a £150 million new hospital on the site – financed by some of the existing land on the existing site being sold for housing. (This has been described as being for “luxury flats” although their size, luxuriousness and tenure has yet to be determined.) That is good news as the current building is defective – also much of the site is already used for housing.

The Accident and Emergency unit will remain at Charing Cross. (The NHS has rebutted the Labour MP Andrew Slaughter’s claim to contrary here.)

But I am concerned that what was agreed last February in terms of the elective surgery continuing at Charing Cross should be honoured. I am seeking clarity on this point. Residents are entitled to assurances that the 85% figure mentioned above still applies.

One of the problems with the NHS is that they come up with these proposals with hundreds of pages of impenetrable jargon. They explain them in meeting to “key stakeholders” leaving most people baffled. Constant lies have been left unchallenged. Complicated revisions have added to the confusion. The NHS do need to do a better job of persuading people of their case.

Still however frustrating the process might be I hope and believe that at the end of it we will have better health care than at present.

This is scheduled for Thursday September 25th at 7pm at Holy Innocents Church, 35 Paddenswick Road. I will be there with my fellow Ravenscourt Park Ward councillors Lucy Ivimy and Charlie Dewhirst. Do come along to discuss any local matter of interest and join us for a glass of wine afterwards.
We plan to hold further meetings in different parts of the ward.


I have started a new local blog called the Hammersmith and Fulham Forum. You can find it here or via my Twitter profile.

The blog is intended to be quite broad with guest contributions – including from non-Conservatives – and include borough wide matters and non-political subjects. Do let me know if you would be interested in writing something.


Unemployment in the Ravenscourt Park Ward fell from 148 in May to 127 in June. It is below half the level of four years ago – when it was 305.


Hammersmith Library in Shepherd’s Bush Road has now reopened. There is now a substantial collection of local archives. The building has been smartened up and now has wi-fi, more comfortable seating and new shelves. However the beauty of these 1905 Grade 11 listed building has been maintained. Do go and visit it.
There will be “Playday” in Ravenscourt Park on Wednesday August 6th from noon until 4pm. JW Panham will be running a number of free fairground rides. There will also be music, basketball coaching and face painting. Jolly good show!

  • Ravenscourt Park Ward has more Neighbourhood Watch schemes than any other ward in the borough. They help reduce crime – especially burglary. If you would like to start one in your street please email our Safer Neighbourhood Team on
  • If you would like the Conservatives to regain Hammersmith and Fulham Council please consider joining the Hammersmith Conservatives or making a donation. You can do so via our website or by sending a cheque to Hammersmith Conservatives, 4 Greyhound Road, London, W6 8NX. ( 020 7385 1002.)

Best wishes,

Councillor for Ravenscourt Park Ward

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