70 Tickets Per Day Issued on Hammersmith Gyratory

Tuhin Reynolds-Imam writes:

Every year, nearly a quarter of a million Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued by
Hammersmith & Fulham Council (LBHF). That includes:

  • 92,000 in Fulham, SW6 to value of £10 million
  • 72,000 in Hammersmith, W6 to value of £8.5 million
  • 49,000 in Shepherds Bush, W12 to value of £5.3 million
  • 21,700 in Kensington & Chelsea, W14 to value of £2.2 million

But by far the single most risky location for drivers is the yellow box junction on the
Hammersmith Gyratory at Butterworth on the Talgarth Road. Drivers receive 25,000 tickets
a year here. That is 70 tickets every day.

What Types of Parking Tickets Do LBHF Issue?

Most tickets are for residents parking and other parking related offences:

  • 78,000 tickets – Parked in a residents or shared use parking place without clearly
    displaying a permit or pay and display ticket issued for that location (Code 12)
  • 22,500 ticket – Parked in a residents or shared use parking place displaying an invalid
    permit, invalid voucher or an invalid pay and display ticket (Code 19)
  • 14,700 tickets – Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours (Code 1)
    But as well as tickets for parking, nearly a third of tickets are for moving traffic offenses,
    such as:
  • 62,000 tickets – Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited (Code 31)
  • 20,000 tickets – Being in a bus lane (Code 34)

What Is the Worst Time of Day to Get Tickets?

Nearly a quarter of all tickets are issued in the two hours between 9-11am as parking restrictions start to take effect each day.

But interestingly, tickets for Yellow Box Junctions (Contravention Code 31) appear to start at 7am and rise during the day and fall back to Zero at 10pm. We might think that the peak in yellow box junction tickets would be around the morning and evening rush hour, but it is in fact at 3pm.

You can see further details of when, where and what parking tickets you might get in Hammersmith & Fulham on the Proviser website at: https://www.proviser.com/uk/parking-tickets/locgov/hammersmith-and-fulham

Top 5 Parking Ticket Hotspots in Hammersmith & Fulham

  1. Talgarth Road nr Butterwick, W6 (70 Tkts/Day)
    The yellow box junction here is followed by traffic lights for both the traffic going round the gyratory and traffic heading south on Fulham Palace Road. This means that it is extremely easy to get caught out and find yourself stuck. 70 tickets a day here measn that it is worth being extra careful. Don’t just follow the traffic onto the junction, make sure that you will be able to clear it if the lights change. It seems the afternoon and evening are the worst times for getting caught here with nearly 30% of tickets issued between 5-8pm
  2. New Kings Road nr Bagleys Lane, SW6 (44 Tkts/Day)
    The yellow box junction here catches 44 drivers every day. It is easy to misjudge the line of traffic ahead of you because the box is long and extends quite a distance past the entrance to Bagleys Lane. When the lights at Harwood Lane turn red the traffic forms a queue and you can find yourself stranded behind a stationary car. Also be careful if you are turning left out of Bagleys Lane onto New Kings Road. You can get a ticket if you stop on the junction even if you are turning left. The middle of the day seems to be the peak time to get tickets here with just under 40% of tickets in
    the 4 hours between 10am and 2pm Also, weekends are particularly bad, with 33% of tickets issued on Saturday & Sunday compared to 24% at Talgarth Road nr Butterwick junction.
  3. Shepherds Bush Road, W6 (33 Tkts/Day)
    The top half of Shepherds Bush Road has a bus lane on the Northbound side and the bottom half has one running Southbound. They look clearly marked and operate between 7-10am and 5-7pm Monday to Saturday. Nipping into the bus lane to overtake the line of car in front you is risky on this road with 8 cars an hour getting caught during the periods when the bus lanes are active each day.
  4. Harwood Road nr Effie Road, SW6 (18 Tkts/Day)
    This is a tiny yellow box junction on Harwood Road that lets traffic out of Effie Road. It looks harmless because it is so small, but beware it packs a punch with 18 tickets every day. The problem is that it is about 1.5 car lengths from traffic lights and so it is easy to follow the car in front and get stuck when the lights change. Oddly rush hour traffic doesn’t seem to get caught as much as during the day and in the evening. For instance, only 2.5% of tickets are issued at 8-9am whereas it’s 10.9% at 2-3pm. Perhaps regular commuter traffic knows to be careful here and those without local knowledge get caught.
  5. North End Road, SW6 (15 Tkts/Day)
    Most tickets on North End Road are for Bus Lane offenses with 12 tickets per day, but there are also another 2 per day for loading and 1 per day for parking on the single yellow lines. Two bus lanes one running north and another south each run along about a quarter of the length of the road. Both look easy to avoid, though the northbound bus lane has a small part where it stops and then restarts for another 10 yards. So, while most of the tickets are likely to be from drivers trying to overtake the queue, there may be some cars caught out between Castledown Road and the bus stop at Number 94. For the tickets issued for Loading/Unloading (Contravention Code 2), 56% are in the morning between 8-11am. Whereas tickets for parking (Contravention Code 1), are mostly issued after 12pm, with a dip in the two hours starting 4pm

To check other streets within H&F try: https://www.proviser.com/uk/parking-tickets/locgov/hammersmith-and-fulham/locations