Taylor Bulbs brings spring colour to Hammersmith

Cllr Caroline ffiske writes:

The London-based Metropolitan Public Gardens Association runs an amazing scheme with Taylor Bulbs.  At the end of every autumn Taylor Bulbs has a problem over what to do with its un-sold linacre-court-2spring-flowering bulbs.  The MPGA has worked with them to solve this problem.  Every year, gardening groups across London are able to apply for a bulb allocation, and every year the MPGA works with Taylor bulbs to ship tens of thousands of bulbs to these groups.

linacre-courtThis year I know that Hammersmith has benefited from at least 4 applications and therefore at least 4000 new spring-flowering bulbs.  St Andrews Church in Barons Court successfully applied for an allocation.  The Friends of Marcus Garvey Park did as well.  I applied for 1000 bulbs to plant around Linacre Court in Avonmore.  And the gardening group based at St Andrews Church tell me that they also successfully applied for another batch, working with a sheltered housing group in Barons Court.  The batch I received included snowdrops, hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses, and allium.

Pictured are some of us planting around Linacre Court.

Happy Christmas!  Bring on Spring!




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