Blythe House to be sold

blythehouseThe Government’s Autumn Statement included the following:

“The government will also provide £150 million funding support to the British Museum, Science Museum, and Victoria and Albert Museum to replace out-of-date museum storage, including at Blythe House, with new world-class facilities to preserve and protect over 2 million fragile and sensitive objects. Blythe House will be sold in due course.”

Blythe House is a listed building at 23 Blythe Road near Brook Green. Built between 1899 to 1903 it was the headquarters of the Post Office Savings Bank. There used to be seperate headquarters for male and female staff.

Quite absurd for such a splendid well located building to be used for storage.

I suppose it will be redeveloped for much needed new housing.

By spooky coincidence the mysterious “homeowner6” was demanding the sale of Blythe House in a Tweet on Monday.

One thought on “Blythe House to be sold

  1. Great news. Ludicrous that such a beautiful building in a superb location is just used as a storage facility; and this is how we provide more housing supply, not by building ghastly high-rises. Hopefully the V&A can extract a fantastic price from some eager developers.

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