Good news for Goldhawk Road

goldhawkrdoneGiven that so many planning developments make our borough more ugly I am pleased to note a proposal, that has recently had planning approval, that promises a visual improvement.

The image on the top right shows 77 Goldhawk Road as it is today. It used to be the British Prince pub – pretty awful it was too.

The image below it shows how 77 Goldhawk Road will look in the future.

goldhawkroadtwoThe proposal attracted letters of support from more than 40 local residents and businesses.

At present the site is a run-down building close to Shepherds Bush  with the exterior is affected by graffiti and fly-posting. Inside it is dilapidated and without development will be uninhabitable.

Development will result in the creation of three new flats of sufficient size and with good levels of lighting, and outlook for future occupiers.

Windows will be restored where they have been bricked out and PVC windows replaced by sash windows. Hurrah.

There is an extra storey but that enhances the appearance.

Very good news.

It’s in the Hammersmith Grove Conservation Area and it’s a small development. It hasn’t been built yet. But the example could be widely applied. It is possible to both have new homes and an improved environment for those of us already living here.


2 thoughts on “Good news for Goldhawk Road

  1. Good news for Goldhawk Road? You mean unlike the hideous, literally white-washed development that’s been waved through for the market.

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