Action is needed to defeat electoral fraud in H&F

ballot_box-100x100It is excellent news that the Government has agreed stronger safeguards against electoral fraud. There are plans to:

  • prevent the intimidation and undue influence of voters at the hands of activists and supporters
  • end the dubious practice of postal vote harvesting, and
  • consider measures for nationality checking that will prevent fraudulent voter registrations

The Government adds that:

“Local authorities will be invited to apply to trial different types of identification, including forms of photo ID such as driving licenses and passports, or formal correspondence such as a utilities bill to prove their address backed by a signature check.”

I have asked Hammersmith and Fulham Council to apply to be a pilot.

It is most disappointing that the Labour Party nationally is opposing the anti fraud drive – with the insulting claim that poor people are too stupid to deal with ID requirements. It is also hypocritical given that Labour require ID for their own internal party elections.