How long does it take Hammersmith & Fulham Council to build a house?

When Labour took over Hammersmith & Fulham Council in 2014, they inherited from the previous Conservative administration, planning permission to build 12 new homes on an ex-carpark on the Springvale Estate in Brook Green.  Hoardings had gone up around a large space – forming an unattractive outlook for residents in nearby blocks on the Springvale Estate and in neighbouring roads.  At least we could all look forward to the hoarding coming down and 12 new homes.

However, four and a half years later the hoarding is still up and there are no new homes.  As residents have said to me, all they have had for four and half years is a hoarding, a rubbish dump, and narrow walkway that is convenient for drug-dealers.

Hoping to be able to give residents good news I put a Freedom of Information Act request into the Council to ask for an update on the building works.  Here is the response I got:

“Your request
Please could you provide me with the latest reports that explain the delays to the
development of the new housing on the old carpark on the Springvale Estate? If that is too vague, please could you provide me with all the reports that discuss the plans for, progress on, and delays to this development over the last calendar year?
Our response
This request is being handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
I am writing to inform you that we have searched our records and the information you
requested is not held by LB Hammersmith and Fulham as there are no reports that discuss progress on the development.”

Well that is that then.  Why don’t they just pull the hoardings down?  Except that there is a housing crisis.



One thought on “How long does it take Hammersmith & Fulham Council to build a house?

  1. Totally extraordinary situation. A brownfield site in a prime location ready to go.

    In London housing is more helpful to Labour as an unsolved problem.

    It keeps the pot of discontent, on which they feed, simmering.

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