Will the Ravenscourt Park dog enclosure railings actually keep dogs enclosed?

Concern has been expressed concern that the new railings for the dog enclosure are too low and have gaps at the bottom – thus allowing dogs to get out.  One resident who lives by the Park wrote to tell me it was a “travesty of mismanagement and waste of money. They need to be the height of the external ones to the park , with NO gap below!”

I asked the Council’s Park Manager to respond and he says:

“The railings around the dog area to the north of the park have been changed as part of the work to the Goldhawk Road entrance.

“The height of the railings is broadly in line with those of the play areas in the park; to install any that are higher would create an area that feels very enclosed. There are some small gaps at the bottom but due to the undulating ground this is impossible to eliminate.

“Owners that take their dogs in this area should still have them under control, like any other part of the park i.e. they return when called.”

That’s all and good. But is the matter so straightforward in real life? One dog owner responds:

“Dogs are not children. Most especially puppies in training – who can both get through AND under the new railings.  It is a dog enclosure, and as such should be adequate to meet said description.

“Broadly speaking it looks good, but is not fit for purpose.  Did anyone consult with some dog owners or trainers before deciding on the railings?”

2 thoughts on “Will the Ravenscourt Park dog enclosure railings actually keep dogs enclosed?

  1. It’s to keep the big dogs in ,the little dogs could always get out before ,owners should just keep an eye out when in the enclosure .i can understand why it isent higher as it would look like a cage ,the real answer is some chicken wire fitted to the railings , that would keep the tiniest pooch in .

  2. So typical of the oif the ignorant responses by one of our lazy council employees. The railings are an easy jump for almost any large diogs. Recently footballers have made them even lower by climbing over them to retrieve the footballs that they have carelessly kicked into the dog area. Will anybody do anything? Of course not. They are too lazy even to go to take a loo. That is if you can get anyone even to answer the phone.

    Many of the dogs that use the exercise area are there because it is safer than letting them run loose on the field. By definition they are not under control.I would bet that the council layabout has never even been there and certainly knows nothing about dogs. But the same seems to be true in every sphere of council activity.

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