H&F Council STILL refuses to resurface Bassein Park Road

Over a year ago I wrote about the shocking state of Bassein Park Road.

After much lobbying they agreed to do so. But quite astonishingly have changed their mind – on the grounds that it is unnecessary.

I have written to the Council’s Highways Director:

“As you will know the Council agreed to resurface the pavement and road in Bassein Park Road. The replacement of the pavement is proceeding which is appreciated. However I am dismayed that resurfacing the road has been delayed.

The Planned Maintenance Manager says: “The carriageway did not reach a sufficiently poor condition rating to be prioritised on the 2017/18 or 2018/19 planned maintenance programmes, as it did not meet the intervention level for renewal within the currently available resources for planned maintenance. Therefore, there is no work programmed for the carriageway.”

Several residents have contacted me to register their objections to this extraordinary decision.

As you can see from the attached photographs (I can send many more) the road is in a shocking state.

When was the road last resurfaced? I am told it was over 20 years ago.

Signs have been put up at the two ends of Wendell Road that that street is to be resurfaced on 15-16 March. Yet the surface appears to be in better condition than the one in Bassein Park Road.

Please would you urgently review this matter and give instructions for Bassein Park Road to be resurfaced at the earliest possible opportunity in line with what was agreed.”

You decide. Here are a few the pictures:


One thought on “H&F Council STILL refuses to resurface Bassein Park Road

  1. I drove down Hammersmith Grove this morning. It too is slowly disintegrating in a number of places. We used to keep on top of this stuff – now it seems like a slow process of decay.

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