Ravenscourt Park funfair dates

The council’s Events Manager tells me that the following funfairs are scheduled to take place in Ravenscourt Park during 2018;

Parnham’s children’s roaming funfair

12-26 March Ravenscourt Park (Operating weekdays 2-6pm and 11-6pm at weekends)

30th July-30th August includes the council ran Playday on 1st August which Parnham’s sponsors by giving free rides to children attending the event.

Carters steam fair

18th-24th September (Operating 22/23 September 12 noon until dusk)

The days allocated to funfairs have not increased and we do not permit the larger teen funfairs such as Irvin’s to operate within Ravenscourt Park.

In 2017 there was no damage caused that warranted reinstatement or maintenance that related to a funfair.

We arrange pre and post site meetings with the parks team and the funfair operator. If there is damage caused the operator is charged accordingly.

I have spoken with the parks team and the works that have taken place on the park last year were, in the main, related to the Annual Firework event. The profit from ticket sales offsets the expenditure relating to the reinstatement of the parks.

The parks team have also informed me that there has been additional verti – draining done on site (this is limited due to the topography of the site).”

There will always be some tension between regular Park users wishing to maintain “peaceful enjoyment” – and the large number who enjoy such events.

There is also a balance between revenue obtained and the extra maintenance costs. The amounts raised should be disclosed and it should all go on improvements for Ravenscourt Park – not going into general Council funds which happens at present.


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