Let’s replace the missing tree in Cromwell Avenue

Cromwell Avenue is off King Street just along from the Town Hall. It has a splendid line of trees. But it could be even better. There is a missing tooth. When will it be replaced?

The Council’s Principal Arboricultural Officer says:

“A decayed Plane tree was removed in 2006 from the central planter. This was not replaced because the row of nine remaining mature trees still provided substantial cover. Clearly, in the future if more trees are removed we will need to consider a replacement strategy to ensure continuing tree cover.”

We should not wait. Let’s come up with a strategy to plant a replacement tree now.

One thought on “Let’s replace the missing tree in Cromwell Avenue

  1. Trees have also been removed from Nigel Playfair Avenue, they are a wonderful picture of pink blossom in the spring time and this year there will only be half a display. Are they going to be replaced?

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