Alley by Ravenscourt Park tube to be repaired

The alley which runs between Ravenscourt Place and Dalling Road is an important route to Ravenscourt Park tube station. But it is in poor condition. It is not part of the public highway but is the responsibility of Transport for London.

I asked our London Assembly member Tony Devenish to pursue the matter and he has been sent the following positive response from TfL:

“Our maintenance team have looked into this and intend to carry out minor repairs to the surface of the footpath and install measures to deter motor cycles.  Work is scheduled for completion by early summer.”


One thought on “Alley by Ravenscourt Park tube to be repaired

  1. this is great news. Txs

    PS Motorcycles have become a real problem. The worst is the acid attack, but outside of that , they ride on pavements everywhere in LBHF! They ‘re real menace coming around the pavement around the corners

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