Fire Risk Assessments for council housing blocks in Ravenscourt Park Ward

After some persistence I have managed to obtain the Fire Risk Assessments for all the blocks of council flats in the Ravenscourt Park Ward. The one for Standish House was already made available last October.

Here are the others:

33-34 Ashchurch Park Villas is here.

37-38 Ashchurch Park Villas is here.

7-9 Ashchurch Terrace is here.

69-77a Black Lion Lane is here.

Cardross House is here.

1-12 Chisholm Court is here.

13-27 Chisholm Court is here.

Derwent Court is here.

17-21 Eyot Gardens is here.

1-60 Flora Gardens is here.

61-120 Flora Gardens is here.

121-160 Flora Gardens is here.

161-185 Flora Gardens is here.

186-197 Flora Gardens is here.

7-21 Marryat Court is here.

13-18 Marryat Court is here.

19-22 Marryat Court is here.

23-26 Marryat Court is here.

10-18 Mylne Close is here.

Paddenswick Court is here.

I have not yet been sent the Fire Risk Assessments for 62-120, 161-185 or 188-197 Flora Gardens – so I have chased up for those ones.
For each of the blocks I was sent you can see there were various “actions” listed as required – including some as “high priority”. For each block I have logged an enquiry as to what has been done in response.
Missing Flora Gardens blocks now added.


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