Opening up the lake in Ravenscourt Park?

I have noted before that the lake in Ravenscourt Park used to used for boating.

A resident has been in touch to say that “cordoning this lake off so nobody can use it in any way is terrible – simply giving up on an area of our park which is so much loved and used.”

He doesn’t think a return to boating would be viable but says: “My idea entails a natural swimming facility for the public to use…there are some amazing self cleaning natural swimming lakes/ponds which look good with all the plants and associated landscaping  and enhance the natural environment. It also enables people to swim naturally and get some exercise. ”

The Parks Manager has responded:

“I do think there may be scope to make the lake more open and inclusive of the park.  I don’t know why it was originally fenced off, I am making an assumption that this was for H&S reasons.  My colleague Sarah is working on the park masterplan so we can certainly include some proposals for the lake within this to seek public opinion.  Delivery of anything following the consultation will be subject to us identifying funding.”

What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Opening up the lake in Ravenscourt Park?

  1. I don’t like this idea at all. The pond is a sanctuary for wildlife. Turning it into a swimming pool would destroy important breeding and safe areas for wildfowl. If you want to do wild swimming this can be done with the swimming club off Chiswick Pier.

    • Hi Fergus, I don’t think swimming would be such a good idea but to have the boats back again would be nice the wild life would not be affected they where their years ago.

  2. When I was a child the lake was open to the public to row around in little boats at a small cost, this would be lovely for young children and adults, yes attendants where their to authorize and keep check I spent many happy days with friends rowing around the lake.
    It would be great if it was opened up again,

    • I spent a lot of time either rowing a small boat,or paddling canoes,or if I had enough money driving one of the 6 motor boats.All of these were to be hired on the lake.In addition there were 3or 4 members of staff there all the time to keep an eye on you,so that you did not interfere with the many swans and ducks on the lake.
      FUN DAYS.

  3. I love Ravenscourt Park, I used to in it and walk through it every day for 15 years. Sadly as much as I would love to be able to boat on the lake, in this day and age I think it would be open to abuse and the wildlife would suffer as a consequence. Many people don’t have the respect for open spaces as they did in the past.
    It would probably turn into a place for vagrants to bath in.

  4. Absolutely NOT. This area should be left for the wildlife and definitely not opened up to the public. Not only will the pond will become strewn with litter, but the area surrounding it will be utterly ruined and become an utter eyesore. Please leave it as it is.

    • Hi Carol, at the age of 69 I am going back about 50 years ago, if attendants where there to over see what is going on it could be abused, I do agree that in this day and age very few people have any respect for things but cleaning the lake every day would help wild life was there years ago and they never suffered people would row around them and they where not affected.

      • Maybe, but you have people with very bad mentalities around nowadays. Opening up the preschool in the park every morning the number of times, we’d have to clean up human faeces, not even under a bush, sorry to be so blunt, but times are different, less moral.
        I’m sure the council won’t pay out for extra supervision of the park.

  5. Hi Carol, sorry but you have more faith than I do in how people would use the lake. Take a look at all the rubbish left behind in the park on a nice day. Don’t tell me that the lake would not be strewn with all the rubbish that people cannot be bothered to put in the bins. How will that benefit the wildlife? And I doubt very much whether the Council will pay for round the clock supervision of the lake. The fact the lake was used for boating many years ago does not mean it will be a good idea now. It will become an eyesore, and ruin the park.

  6. If boating on the lake was approved, why not give it a try for about six months in the summer and see how it works out, if it creates problems then the council can close it, it would be nice for the children and families.

    Jacquie no probs, about being blunt I do understand what you mean and you are on my wave length, I have seen human body waste in the streets as well as doggy poo and many times rubbish that people just chuck out of car windows as well as just dropping litter everywhere I have seen it with my own eyes and usually pull them up, taking a small bag with them and putting rubbish in it until they find a bin or taking it home does not cross there minds.

    The trouble is the council have closed all public toilets that used to be around I understand why but that is encouraging it on the streets especially late at night and when nature calls people have to go.


    • Hi Carol, attendance would have to be present to keep people / children safe if not then it would not work.
      The council would have a duty do this, and the park is not open at night, I have seen children with parents just throw rubbish on the ground in the park the parents do or say nothing, I was bought up and my son to pick up your rubbish and take it back home unless you find a bin to put it in.
      The attendance would help people into the boats as they did 50 /60 years ago and often a big queue to get on them.

      Well just have to see what the council decide.


  7. Also what about the pigeon poo that is everywhere and a danger to health wildlife have to poo somewhere but that also affects our health.
    To answer the question on foxes pulling out rubbish from overflowing bins I agree they can be a big problem and they roam our streets very freely they too are in the park.

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