Council publishes fire risk assessments for its blocks of six storeys and over

I am very pleased that Hammersmith and Fulham Council has published the fire risk assessments for its housing blocks of six storeys or more. You can see them here.

This is something I was strongly pressing for. In July I requested the documents as a Freedom of Information request and I would have published them on this site if the Council had persisted in its refusal to do so.

While this is an important victory for transparency I am pressing for the Council to go further. The fire risk assessments for the other blocks should be published too.

As a councillor for Ravenscourt Park Ward I have been able to see the fire risk assessment for Standish House.  So can everyone else. That is because it has seven storeys. I have logged a query about the “actions” that were identified as required and whether or not they have been undertaken. Residents of the block will now have a chance to read the report and have a chance to spot any errors or omissions.

But what about Flora Gardens? What about Chisholm Court? Marryat Court? Derwent Court? Cardross House? Paddenswick Court? The small council blocks in Ashchurch Park Villas, Ashchurch Terrace, Mylne Close, Eyot Gardens and Black Lion Lane? I want those residents in my Ward also to know the level of fire risk in the homes they live in. I want them to know what is being done to reduce the risk.

It is disappointing that getting the Council to be open about this should be such a struggle.


2 thoughts on “Council publishes fire risk assessments for its blocks of six storeys and over

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