H&F parking meters still won’t take the new pound coin

In just over a week’s time, on midnight Sunday October 15th, the old pound coin – the “round pound” – will cease to be legal tender. After that only the 12 sided new pound coin can be used. Except, that is, if you won’t to park your car in Hammersmith and Fulham. Our parking meters STILL don’t accept the new pound coin.

This will mean that few people will the relevant pound coins available. I suppose any of the old pound coins the Council does continue to collect will be accepted by its bank – at least for a while. But even so there would seem to be an entirely avoidable delay that will inconvenience residents and visitors to the borough, harm local businesses and deny the Council of revenue.

There was plenty of notice given of the replacement.

I have asked the Council for an explanation….


4 thoughts on “H&F parking meters still won’t take the new pound coin

  1. We are encountering visitors to the borough in a predicament due to this issue. I am surprised the machines cannot be quickly adjusted for such changes. Please act fast H&F!

  2. Disgraceful incompetence by Labour run council

    Foreign visiting clients cannot park in borough plus not everyone has a suitable card

    This is an absolute disgrace and all parking tickets must be contested as the machines are effectively ‘not fit for purpose’ due to not accepting current Coins of Realm .

    Thus mostly hits the less wealthy and foreign user and Labour Council showing it’s appallingly run in this shocking example of belligerent disregard for LBHF local tax payers

  3. Why are we still cluttering the pavements with these large machines so that people can pay for parking tickets using coins? In many other parts of London, and in many other global cities you pay for parking using a card or a phone, and the infrastructure involved is minimal. Also, you are spared the expense of cash handling, repairs and upgrades when new coinage is introduced.

    Come on Hammersmith and Fulham- let’s get into the leading group instead of trailing along at the back, twenty years out of date.

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