Parklet proposed for King Street

I am very pleased to see a proposal from Rivercourt Methodist Church for a “Parklet” on the entrance to their site in King Street. At present there is a dreary patch of concrete.

The inspiration is from the Deli in Brackenbury Road.

It would mean some extra work for members of the Church to maintain the small garden but if they are willing to take this on the initiative seems to be very welcome. The one in Brackenbury Road was given some funding from Transport for London for providing bike hoops.

Steve Lawrence, who is behind the idea, says:

“This is more about someplace to sit rather than a garden but it would still be an upgrade on what is there at present. The area certainly need rejuvenating.”

I am encouraging the Council to respond positively and will report back. These days any enterprise – however modest and worthy – faces practical difficulties and bureaucratic impediments. Let’s hope they an be overcome in this case.

2 thoughts on “Parklet proposed for King Street

  1. I had never looked closely at this church before but it is actually a very beautiful building,

    The modern modular parklet works well outside the Brackenbury cafe but I am not sure it is the best way to enhance the church.

    I would prefer to see some decent hard landscaping at the front. Natural stone pavers could replace the concrete, and seating plus built-in planters could provide the barriers and sense of enclosure instead of the current ugly metal bollards.

    There is more that could be done. The large black painted sign on the frontage is ugly and really should come down. The yellow hazard tape on the front steps and the twin notice boards on either side of the front door also do the place no favours and could be removed and improved respectively.

  2. This is not the right place for a parklet the one in Brackenbury is outside a deli that serves coffee ,the people who would use it have there own liquid refreshments .

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