Riverside Studios to reopen by August next year

After the fiasco with the demolition of the cinema in King Street there is understandable concern among local film buffs as to alternative venues. It doesn’t help that Riverside Studios is not available as they have got the builders in.

So how long will it take for them to reopen?

William Burdett-Coutts, the Artistic Director of Riverside Studios, tells me:

“On the current plan the expectation is that the building will open in phases starting in April 2018 and hopefully fully open by August.”

According to the Riverside Studios website:

“Riverside Studios will have much improved facilities including three studios for television, theatre, dance, opera, music and comedy. We’ll have a 200 seat cinema and screening room, a community & rehearsal area and a greatly enhanced public entertainment facility including a local events and entertainment space. There’ll be a beautiful new cinema foyer with its own bar and a permanent exhibition of our heritage. The building will have its own bakery, a brasserie and a fine dining restaurant each with their own bar. The river walkway will be opened up for the first time in front of Riverside Studios and Queen’s Wharf allowing you to walk beside the river all the way from Barnes Bridge to Craven Cottage.”

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