Lucy Ivimy: Collapse of the Council’s King Street and cinema redevelopment plans

Cllr Lucy Ivimy writes

You may have noticed the gaping hole where the old King Street cinema used to be.

Its demolition was the first step in a generally liked redevelopment that had been extensively consulted on and that would have:

  • delivered a new cinema
  • converted the ugly Town Hall extension into modern housing
  • filled in the windswept ‘undercroft’ with attractive, useable space, including an entrance to the new cinema and a cafe
  • removed the hideous concrete walkways behind the existing extension and replaced them with soft landscaping and trees to create a new public space in front of the art deco Town Hall
  • provided new disabled access and lifts for the Town Hall
  • created modern office space, easily accessible to residents, for the Council’s residents’ services

The Labour council has terminated the agreement with the developer after refusing for a year to meet with them and now wants to go back to the drawing board.

I very much fear a long delay, with nothing except a gaping hole in King Street, to end up with a new scheme that will not be any better than the one that has now been cancelled.

3 thoughts on “Lucy Ivimy: Collapse of the Council’s King Street and cinema redevelopment plans

  1. The loss of Hammersmith’s only cinema and the delay in getting a replacement is a big deal. The Olympic cinema in Barnes is fantastic and there will soon be a new five screen Picturehouse just down the road in Chiswick. We could have had that cinema here, helping to revive this depressed and depressing stretch of King Street. Instead the next developer may be more nervous about whether two decent cinemas can survive just a few hundred yards apart.

  2. The best part of the development – the bridge over the A4 to re-connect that part of Hammersmith to the riverside – had already been cancelled due to moaning locals so to be honest I’m not that bothered they’ll have to look at a building site for the next few years, nice and quiet with few people around, that’s what they want.

  3. not a single word about WHO OWNS this piece of prime value land councillor?? dont you think this info would help the reader? who is the freeholder? has this ex-cinema piece of land obtained planning permission?? THE TRUTH is: house building in this country is NO LONGER about people ; it is about creating cash flow streams for investors!! the only priority in London is to build proper affordable homes (please give us a decent definition of “affordable”) and for local authorities to STOP caving in to developers. Abolis leaseholds + fines for undeveloped land banks= return to a property market that serves people, not financial investors. Next to this cinema; you have a full row of luxury flats that are UNOCCUPIED! why??

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