Bill Forbes-Hamilton enters art competition

John Betts House in Rylett Road, run by Hammersmith United Charities, provides a fine example of how sheltered housing can provide a cheerful environment with strong community spirit.

Many residents show a talent for gardening.

However Bill Forbes-Hamilton, 85, has taken up painting. He has entered the Evening Standard’s art competition. A London theme was required so he chose the Marathon.

He says:

“My idea was to put all the people in fancy dress in the front row. I admire them greatly — running a marathon is hard enough even before you start wearing one of those costumes.”

Good luck to him.

Forbes-Hamilton main job is still acting though. He is an extra in the Laurel and Hardy film – starring Steve Coogan as Laurel – which is being released in January. Forbes-Hamilton can be spotted eating in the background in restaurant scenes.


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