Council to hold helicopter meeting

Following the concerns about increased helicopter noise I have requested that the Council takes some responsibility for discovering the causes and considering how to protect residents. Specifically I asked that a report on helicopter noise be brought before the Community Safety, Environment and Residents Services Policy and Accountability Committee –  and that it includes what action (if any) the Council is proposing to take.

I am pleased that this request has been agreed. The Committee Co-ordinator says:

“Further to your request below, please note that the issue of Helicopter Noise will be discussed at the Community Safety, Environment and Residents Services PAC on 20th November 2017.

“The meeting will start at 7pm and be held in the Courtyard Room at Hammersmith Town Hall.”

Residents are welcome to come along and have their say.

That’s annoying that it won’t be until November and I will obviously press the Council to take action before then.

2 thoughts on “Council to hold helicopter meeting

  1. I am pleased that the problem of helicopter noise will be raised at this meeting. I received an online questionnaire which I completed but have forgotten who sent it. The noise is due to Battersea heliport so I presume we should send our complaints to them. I do not agree with helicopter use by individuals at all except maybe the PM or high-ranking people and only in emergency. In general I believe helicopters should only be used by emergency services and the armed forces. They are environmentally damaging and pose a safety risk, increased by a greater use.
    Please raise my opinion at the meeting if I cannot be there.

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