Community gardeners are at it again

Cllr Caroline ffiske writes:

Earlier in the summer W6 Garden Centre kindly donated more plants for community gardening.  This time plants went out to community gardeners on the Cheesemans Estate, the Lytton Estate, and to St Andrews Church in Barons Court.

The plants, of course, make these areas more beautiful.  But they also help create communities as people come together over a pleasurable activity.

Thanks, as ever, are due to W6 who not only donated the plants, but delivered them free of charge to a central pick-up place.  W6 are located close to Ravenscourt Park and if you have not tried out their lovely cafe – you must.  A perfect place to escape the heat of a hot summer’s day.

Here are some of the plants dropped off to their new homes or on their way.

As Rudyard kipling wrote:

There’s not a pair of legs so thin, there’s not a head so thick,
There’s not a hand so weak and white, nor yet a heart so sick
But it can find some needful job that’s crying to be done,
For the Glory of the Garden glorifieth every one.





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