Return of the Triffids

In streets across the borough weeds continue to grow out of control.

The Council are only attempting to get rid of them using a “hot water spray applicator”.

It is pretty ineffective – perhaps taking four or five times longer than the previous arrangements.  A large van is required so parking to get the hoses out was a problem. It is supposed to be eco-friendly as it does not use chemicals. But is even that true? A noisy diesel generator to be running the whole time to run the water heater and the pumps – so much for the greenest Borough. They do this twice a year – and it still doesn’t work. Previously spraying weed killer happened once a year and did the trick.

3 thoughts on “Return of the Triffids

  1. Another fiasco from Corbyn’s Labour party.

    I can buy Roundup/glyphosate in Asda and spray it to my heart’s content. It is completely safe.

  2. Whenever I spot weeds outside my house I get rid of them, even if the weeds are not in my land.

    Isn’t it ok for us to make some collective contribution for the public good whenever we can? After all it’s our environment, though there ‘s a risk a few will always end up doing the most.

  3. This is becoming a rear eyesore all over the borough. It will, given time, damage the pavements as the weeds open up the joints and lets the weather get to work. The Left/Greens have some kind of hostility to Monsanto( over GM crops) , who make glyphosate spray, and are using this as a way of attacking the ‘nasty American Multinational’.

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