Caroline ffiske: Anti-social behaviour in St Paul’s Open Space is keeping residents awake at night

Cllr Caroline ffiske writes:

Residents who live near St Paul’s Open Space in Avonmore are experiencing serious problems with anti-social behaviour in the park, late at night.

The previous Conservative administration locked the park at night.  However, when the Council changed hands: “Councillors took the decision not to continue to lock – about three years ago.

What is more, an officer tells me:

“The Parks Police continue to lock eleven parks although this is being reduced to eight in the near future.”  

I have asked the Council to reverse the decision to leave the St Pauls Open Space open at night.  While it may be lovely in theory, it is not right that Hammersmith residents face repeated disturbance of their sleep and peace.

“The disturbance was so bad last night that I telephoned the Parks Police at 10.30 pm.  … I was able to speak to a lady, who said she would send somebody round.  They did.  I saw torches and the park was cleared.  Peace prevailed – for about 45 minutes, after which the offenders returned and continued their shouting and laughing until well into the early hours.”


Well done to the Parks Police for clearing the Park.  However their service finishes at 11pm at which point residents are advised to call 101.   But, I’m hearing from more and more residents that they never get through on this number, or do not get through quickly enough to solve an immediate problem.  You also have to ask whether, with the police time involved, it would actually be more resource-efficient to lock the park at night.  A win-win as residents would get some sleep.

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