Ugly office block proposed for Wellesley Avenue


There is a proposal for an ugly office block in Wellesley Avenue, by Ravenscourt Park.

You have until Tuesday July 11th to object – by emailing

I have responded as follows:

Further to my earlier email please note I have been sent several more strong objections to this proposal. I endorse the objections.

Please confirm that if officers wish to recommend approval for the scheme my request that this decision should go to the Planning Committee. (If the recommendation is for rejection then I see no need for it to go to the Committee)

My grounds for objecting are as follows:

– the size and scale of the building in a residential conservation area
– the windows overlooking existing properties
– the overbearing nature particularly for the back gardens in Dorville Crescent
– the overall impact on the character of the conservation area.

The existing house at 14 Wellesley Avenue is attractive. The design of the proposed replacement is ugly.

We also have alternative ugly modernist designs to replace the car repair workshop at 12 Wellesley Avenue. The design statement says it wishes to “avoid the sense of being a series of ersatz cottages”. But it would be perfectly possible to have a traditional, beautiful, neo-classical office building.

For that matter it would be possible to have a change of use to housing and allow a series of real (as opposed to ersatz cottages).

After all the housing shortage is well known.

Best wishes,

2 thoughts on “Ugly office block proposed for Wellesley Avenue

  1. This beautiful little cottage has been my favourite for many years since I was a child now 68, an ugly office block of which we have far too many already will replace it, NO NO NO.IF THIS IS APPROVED I WILL NEVER VOTE AGAIN FOR LOCAL ELECTIONS.

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