H&F Council “working on” plans for sprinklers in tower blocks

On Tuesday I wrote about how none of the tallest 40 council blocks in Hammersmith and Fulham have sprinklers

I am pleased that an update from the Council says:

“We are working on plans to install sprinkler systems in all our tower blocks.”

Of course that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. How is a tower block defined? When will the sprinklers be installed? Can the phrase”working on plans” be taken as a pledge to actually do anything?

But as an initial statement that is encouraging.

One thought on “H&F Council “working on” plans for sprinklers in tower blocks

  1. I am personally very grateful for Councillor Phibbs’ ongoing concern in trying to ensure all residents in our borough are made safe and his ongoing interest in trying to get sprinkler systems in all tower blocks in the borough. Tower blocks are defined as any blocks with 6 floors and over so let us hope that we will all be able to be reassured that this will be carried out as soon as possible so that all residents can begin to feel if not completely safe, then at least safer.

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