Joe Carlebach: Rest In Peace Jo Cox

Cllr Joe Carlebach is the Chairman of the Hammersmith Conservative Association.

Jo Cox MP. 22nd June 1974 – 16th June 2016

Politician, wife and mother.

Today all political parties have agreed to suspend campaigning for one hour. The hope is everyone will focus on what we have in common not our many and varied differences. This rare event will be dedicated to the memory of Jo Cox whose life was so brutally taken last year in a barbaric and senseless act.

I am asking all our Conservative activists, supporters and volunteers to take a moment today to remember Jo and keep her family in our thoughts and prayers. We had differences with her but she will always have our respect. As Jo said in her maiden speech in the Commons “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” How true this is and yet how easily we all forget these wise words.

I hope the supporters of all the other parties currently engaged in the rigours of the current general election campaign here in Hammersmith will join with us in this rare moment of cross party unity. I believe Jo would have been pleased at this one positive outcome of her death.

I am republishing the article I wrote in her memory after the news broke of her murder as a tribute to her and her family.

16th June 2016

Many of us are desperately trying to make sense of the devastating news of the brutal murder of Jo Cox in her constituency.

No words can adequately express the shock and sadness we all feel at the loss of Jo. She was by all accounts a gifted and passionate politician who had friends across the political divide. She was vocal in supporting the vulnerable not just at home but around the world and in particular the long suffering people of Syria.She died doing what many of us regard as the bed rock of representative democracy, holding a surgery and talking to her electorate in the constituency she represented.

The brutal attack on her is an attack in all of us. It is an attack on the hard won rights of our representative democracy. It is abhorrent and unacceptable in so many ways.

The untimely death of anyone is a tragedy. The unwarranted violent death of a parent of young children is disastrous. The brutal murder of an elected member of our parliament is a catastrophe.

As politicians we will have many and varied disagreements. That is the nature of our business. However on this matter (this catastrophe) we are united as one in condemning this violence, in paying respect to Jo, her achievements in life and her legacy now she is gone.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband, her two young children and her friends and family.

Rest in peace Jo, your passing has united our fractious and divided country. You may have left us but you will not be forgotten.

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