Charlie Dewhirst: The Conservative Manifesto offers good news for Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush

Cllr Charlie Dewhirst is the Conservative candidate for Hammersmith.

I am delighted by the vision that Theresa May has set out in the Conservative Party manifesto today. The next five years will be the most challenging our nation has faced in generations and so now more than ever Britain needs strong, stable leadership under Theresa May to make the most of the challenges that lie ahead. There are three commitments that I am particularly pleased about as they will directly affect all of us in Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush.

On NHS funding:

We value our NHS deeply and will increase spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years, delivering an increase in real funding per head of population for every year of the parliament.  Over the course of the next parliament, we will embark on the most ambitious programme of capital investment in buildings and technology the NHS has ever seen. This is a huge commitment to the NHS by the Conservatives, which goes further than Jeremy Corbyn’s plans, and will ensure that our local health services continue to deliver for the people of Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush. This is yet more good news following the NHS’s recent firm commitment to Charing Cross Hospital.

On school funding:

We will increase the overall schools budget by £4 billion in real terms by 2022 and ensure that no school has its budget cut as a result of the new, fair funding formula. The previously planned funding formula would have seen local schools in London receiving less money so this change is hugely welcome.

On our long-term plan for elderly care:

We are making a commitment to a long-term plan to make the social care system fairer, better funded and more sustainable, ensuring elderly people receive the dignified and high quality care they deserve.

Unlike Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, we are not promising huge sums of new public spending in this manifesto because we believe in a strong economy founded on sound money. There are some things which will cost money – but also things that will save money. We are not afraid to take the difficult decisions to address the long-term challenges this country faces.

You can read the full manifesto here.

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One thought on “Charlie Dewhirst: The Conservative Manifesto offers good news for Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush

  1. I have just had a leaflet from Andrew Slaughter saying the Tories are planning to send the bulldozers in to demolish Charing Cross hospital.

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