Joe Carlebach: Our future prosperity and security will only be safe with Theresa May and Charlie Dewhirst

Cllr Joe Carlebach, Chairman of the Hammersmith Conservatives.

I am delighted to confirm that Charlie Dewhirst has been selected as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Hammersmith. As many of you will remember Charlie fought a great campaign in 2015 and I am really pleased that he has returned as our candidate for the General Election on June 8th.

As many people now recognise this election represents a seminal point for our country. We continue to face a great deal of uncertainty with many difficult challenges and many exciting opportunities. What is clear is the choice we now have as to who we want to see guiding our nation through these unprecedented times.

It is therefore vital to remember that on June 8th you will be casting your ballot for much more than the local MP, it will determine who ends up in 10 Downing Street on the 9th June.

Even if you have never voted Conservative before I would ask you to lend us your vote to endorse Teresa May our Prime Minister. Voting Conservative will be an endorsement of her strong and careful management of our economy, our nation’s security and her total commitment to opportunity for all, social mobility and helping hard working families succeed.

The alternative is Jeremy Corbyn’s disorganised, uncosted and chaotic approach to matters of great national importance which will have a catastrophic impact on our quality of life and those of our families. It is a damning indictment that apparently even the majority of the existing Labour MP’s agree that Jeremy Corbyn should not be Prime Minister. He is increasingly absent from their election literature and their campaigns but make no mistake, if you vote Labour on 8th June you are voting for Jeremy Corbyn as the next Prime Minister.

Voting Conservative on 8th June is the only way to ensure a prosperous and safe future for the United Kingdom, for London, for Hammersmith (& Fulham) and for our families and friends.

The choice is as stark as that.

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