Capability Brown statue coming soon

The Hammersmith Society reports:

“The Capability Brown statue, supported by the Hammersmith Society, received planning permission on 15 December 2016 for its site on Hammersmith Embankment at the end of Chancellor’s Road. The life-size bronze statue, commemorating the 300 years since his birth and the thirteen years he lived by the river in Hammersmith, is now fully funded and due to be unveiled in mid-May 2017.”

Congratulations to Richard Jackson of Brackenbury Road for pursuing  this project including raising the £35,000 needed to pay for it and thanks to all those who made donations.

Lancelot Brown (1715–16-1783) was known as “England’s greatest gardener”. He designed over 170 parks and was known as “Capability” due to his habit of telling his clients that their property had “capability” for improvement.

He started work as a water engineer. His facility with water was used to great effect with his later work on landscape design. The historian John Phibbs argues that water was crucial to Brown’s genius.


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