Victory! New trees to be planted in Beavor Lane

I have written before about the poor record of the Labour Council with regard to planting new street trees. Often money is not an excuse as the funding is allocated under Section 106 agreements from property developments. But due to poor management and low political priority the new trees just don’t get planted.

An example was the 271-281 King Street development which included an agreement of £14,ooo for new trees in the local area.

After some persistent lobbying I have not got some news from the Council’s Arboricultural Officer for some new trees. He says:

“I have issued jobs for trial tree pits to be dug at the following sites which if successful will be planted up this spring:

Beavor Lane side of 271-281 King St (S of substation in footway)

Beavor Lane opp side of 271-281 King St (in existing build out opp 5)

Beavor Lane opp side of 271-281 King St (in existing build out opp 1/3)

Beavor Lane Eastern side os Independent Muslim School (northern end in footway)

Beavor Lane junct Theresa Rd northern side in new build out (probably have to wait till 2017/18)

Standish Road junct Aitkin Place N (in existing build out)

Theresa Road os 23-34 Chambon Place (north side near Beavor Lane in footway)

I had identified several other sites but unfortunately after consulting utility companies and carrying out more detailed service checks these had services in the ground so can’t be planted.

I have also asked an engineer to come up with designs and costs for constructing other new build outs containing tree pits, but this will take some time and involve further consultation with Highways Parking and Traffic Management teams before we can start work. This latter element of planting in new build outs will probably now have to wait till the summer so any successful trial pits will be ready for next winter’s planting season.”

That is a start. Although by no means yet our £14,000 worth…

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