Joe Carlebach: Only a Conservative victory on June 8th will safeguard our nation, our economic prosperity and deliver opportunity, ambition and hope for all

A guest post from Cllr Joe Carlebach, Chairman of the Hammersmith Conservative Association.

As many of you will no doubt have heard the Prime Minister has today called a General Election for the 8th June.Our country needs strong leadership and clarity of purpose at a time of great uncertainty. We should therefore all applaud the Prime Minister’s bold, courageous and brave decision to go to the country in a snap general election. It is a huge opportunity to deliver a significant Conservative majority and rid the national political stage of the madness and incompetence  Labour Party once and for all.

There will be a lot of work to be done between now and 8th June to ensure that we win. We can not afford to rest on our laurels or rely on the opinion polls and the poor performance of Labour nationally.

We must go out in Hammersmith with our positive record of economic competence with consistently low inflation and some of the highest employment rates on record. Our compassion for the vulnerable, our belief and investment in strong defences to protect our nation and our hard won freedoms. Our commitment to the promotion of opportunity, ambition and social mobility.

A new and strengthened Conservative Government will be ideally positioned to strike the best possible deal as we leave the European Union. This will ensure a fair basis for trade with our friends and neighbours and safeguard the rights of the many EU nationals living in the UK and in particular in Hammersmith. It will also safeguard the rights and freedoms of the many UK citizens living in the EU. For me it is clear, only a strong Conservative Government can do this.

Labour’s uncosted, unrealistic rambling and incoherent policies would represent a disaster for our country now and in the years to come. They would be incapable of negotiating a fair and workable deal with the EU. With their party so divided itself, how are they ever going to unite our nation at this challenging time. No doubt there are many good people who have supported Labour in past elections. I am sure we can all agree that this is a seminal moment for our country. Nothing less than the future safety and prosperity of our nation is at stake. I would therefore ask you now, even if its a first for you, to vote Conservative on June 8th.

I look forward to seeing many of you out on the campaign trail, ensuring we deliver a strong, positive and compassionate Conservative Government with a large majority on 8th June 2017.

3 thoughts on “Joe Carlebach: Only a Conservative victory on June 8th will safeguard our nation, our economic prosperity and deliver opportunity, ambition and hope for all

  1. Theresa May hasn’t given too many clues on how she would achieve Brexit. I think that we should go with the view of the majority in the referendum, but do so carefully. There are over 900 points to sort out, and the EU’s Martin Selmayr now says that discussions are suspended until June 9th.

    It will be near impossible to get a ‘hard Brexit’ trade deal sorted for ratification within 16 months, even if one is desirable long term. Therefore May should commit to maintaining Single Market access through the EEA Agreement as a transition measure. It would allow controls on the movement of labour and totally pull the rug from under Jeremy Corbyn and Nichola Sturgeon’s feet.

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