Here come our spring flowers in Avonmore

Cllr Caroline ffiske writes:

Here come our spring bulbs in Gwendwr Rec. in Avonmore.  These were planted to flower last spring and I am delighted to see them doing so well this year.

The bulbs are thanks to the Bulbs for London initiative which was launched in 2012 by the MPGA, a long established charity, in conjunction with the Lincolnshire family firm, Taylors Bulbs.  Thanks to Taylors and the MPGA over 600,000 high quality spring bulbs have been distributed to around 550 parks and gardens throughout London. Taylors not only supply the bulbs free of charge, but also foot the bill for delivery.


Thanks to the scheme, at least 10,000 bulbs have so far been planted in Hammersmith.  The first of these (to my knowledge) were in Marcus Garvey Park – and since then word has got out. I will be putting up pictures soon of the bulbs we planted this December.

For more details about the scheme please look up the MPGA online or email me at  If you are interested in doing some community gardening please also email me.

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