There are seven Blue Plaques in the Ravenscourt Park Ward

There are seven Blue Plaques in Ravenscourt Park Ward – out of 22 in the borough.

The seven are as follows:

15 Upper Mall for Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson

12 Hammersmith Terrace for Sir Alan Herbert:

3 Hammersmith Terrace for Edward Johnston:

48 Upper Mall for Eric Ravilious

7 Hammersmith Terrace for Sir Emery Walker


19 Ravenscourt Road for Christopher Whitworth Wall


11 Ravenscourt Square for Marie Louise de la Ramée


If you would like to nominate someone contact English Heritage. They need to have been dead for at least 20 years and for the building they lived in to still exist in recognisable form.

3 thoughts on “There are seven Blue Plaques in the Ravenscourt Park Ward

  1. Useless trivia… Edward Johnson designed the distinctive London Underground typeface still used (in slightly modified form) for TfL material today.

    The lettering on Johnson’s plaque uses the typeface he designed.

  2. 22 for the borough is not a bad total. Camden, RBK&C and Westminster all have plaques in the hundreds, but it is worth having a crack at Wandsworth on 25, and Richmond and Lambeth each on 24.

  3. You have to look closely but the 15 Upper Mall has a far older (organic?) stone version in the wall but if you stop to look for or at it beware of the regular kamikaze cyclists whi ignore the dismount instructions.

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