H&F Council still failing to deliver on refugees rhetoric

The latest Asylum data stats (see volume four) show that Hammersmith and Fulham Council took no further Refugees under the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement scheme in the last quarter.

So the total is still three.

Barnet has taken 37, Camden 71, Islington, 25, Richmond upon Thames, 12. Even the tiny City of London has taken seven.

I had already challenged H&F Council’s poor record when matched up to its rhetoric. I have been very disappointed that the H&F Refugees Welcome Committee, really a branch of London Citizens,  has (so far) been completely uncritical of the Council’s failure. They provide an excuse and an alibi for their hypocrisy.

This is the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement is for 20,000 refugees nationally – which the Council attacked at the time it was announced for not going far enough.

Then there is the Dubs scheme. That is far more dubious as it is gives an incentive for people smuggling. That is because the Dubs scheme takes children from Europe (very often resulting in drowning in the Mediterranean) rather than the camps in Lebanon and Jordan. Others feel that despite this it is right to participate. But a recent FOI request I put in shows that the Council record is pretty feeble whatever you think of the merits of it. the Council has taken in 13 and is only offering to take in two more despite the substantial funding on offer from central Government.  Of the 13 only one is in the borough – the other have been placed by the Council elsewhere.

Furthermore so far as unaccompanied asylum seeking children more generally is concerned the Council is failing to meet its quota:

“The number of UASC (non DUBS amendment) children being looked after is currently below the 0.07% figure. The 0.07% figure for Hammersmith and Fulham is 24 children.”

The upshot is that the Council is still virtue signalling. It is still putting the focus on getting publicity in the media about how caring it is – while hoping that the reality of its record will pass unnoticed.

2 thoughts on “H&F Council still failing to deliver on refugees rhetoric

  1. Hammersmith council kick-started the process of welcoming the Dub’s children, against the will, and to the dismay, of the current government; the same government that has shut down the entry to the UK of the Dub’s children As a councillor you are part of this local imitative. You should be proud to be a part of such an active and far-reaching council, and of your compassion for such vulnerable people. Shout it loud and proud!

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