Join H&F No third runway

handflogoDept for Transport Third Runway public consultation exhibition

Monday, 6 March 2017, 11am-8pm Town Hall, King St

H&F NoThirdRunway will be at the Town Hall on 6 March!


The Government isn’t saying what a 3rd runway will really mean for H& F residents:

  • More noisy planes with less respite
  • More flight paths – but they won’t tell us where…..yet!
  • More polluted air on our streets and in our playgrounds
  • More congestion on our roads
  • More overcrowding on the Piccadilly line

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda:

  • No decision has yet been made on a 3 rd runway
  • There are minimal new jobs for H&F residents
  • There is no compensation or insulation for H&F residents
  • £61bn benefits over 60 years across the UK is not a big prize
  • H&F residents get more noise, pollution and congestion

The consultation is a sham. It does not mention:

  • Noise New flightpaths over Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush
  • Air Pollution and Congestion More traffic on the A4 and other roads
  • More crowding on the Piccadilly Line

Ask these questions:

  • Where the new flight paths over H&F will go?
  • What noise levels will different parts of the borough experience?
  • What levels of air pollution will there be?
  • What increased road congestion will there be?
  • How many more passengers will use the Piccadilly Line?
  • Who owns Heathrow?

Don’t stay silent:

One thought on “Join H&F No third runway

  1. Pity the Labour council are not taking the lead on this assuming of course they are opposed to the third runway despite the fact their parliamentary leadership are in favour. They are more than keen to indulge in community organising to oppose things they see of benefit to the Labour Party vote (eg. their perpetual campaign on Charing X), maybe time for them to get active on behalf of their constituents ?

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