H&F Council slashes street tree planting programme

Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s Arboricultural Officer has provided the figure’s for the planting of new street trees by the Council in recent years.

100 were planted in 2013/14 when the Conservatives were running the Council. In 2014/15, Labour’s first year it fell to 59. In 2015/16 it was 23. In the current financial year – 2016/17  – the total is expected to be 24.

When it comes to Council estates they haven’t even been replacing all the dead trees – something I have been challenging them over via the Council’s housing scrutiny committee.

Incidentally in 2013/14 there was Section 106 funding that paid for 29 of the new street trees. This year that funding is only paying for five of them. Labour have made all sorts of claims to have negotiated extra Section 106 money. Where is it?

2 thoughts on “H&F Council slashes street tree planting programme

  1. A big shame. Progress in H&F does seem to have ground to a halt over the last couple of years. King Street in particular could do with a lot more trees, and they make a big contribution towards cleaner air as well as being beautiful.

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