John Knox: Blythe Road loose flagstone

John Knox writes:

My mum and dad had an accident on Blythe Road in December when they tripped over loose flagstones on the pavement and both fell. My dad suffered cuts and bruises but my mum broke her foot. My dad suffers from both Parkinson’s disease and dementia and was distressed at the incident. Unfortunately they had just been to the horse show at Olympia and were heading back to the coach and it was at night so were unable to take photos of the flagstones and the exact location.

We have reported this to the local council who have asked us to provide photographic evidence of the place where the fall occurred and the house number it was nearest.

Sadly as my parents live up in Manchester, they are unable to get these photos and so we wondered if we might rely on human kindness of someone in the area obtaining these pictures for us. If you can help, please contact us on for more details.

Many thanks for reading and we hope you can help


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