Shocking state of Bassein Park Road

Residents of Bassein Park Road have raised concerns about the very poor state of their road. The Council response was that it “is not in the list for road resurfacing as there are no bad patches of surface deterioration found apart from the section from Askew Road to Rylett Road.”  In fact the whole length of Bassein Park Road is in a pretty shocking state – the photographs below show just a few of the problems. Nor is it the only road which has been left to deteriorate to an unacceptable extent.

I am pressing the Council to take action…




2 thoughts on “Shocking state of Bassein Park Road

  1. I have seen almost no resurfacing work in the borough for a couple of years now, whereas it used to happen regularly. My own road is also long overdue for a fresh layer of tarmac.

    Too much of the physical infrastructure of Hammersmith (roads, pavements, many buildings) is worn-out, dirty or broken. We need to prioritise maintenance better and take more pride in our surroundings.

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