St Andrew’s community garden blessed by Archdeacon

ffiskeCllr Caroline ffiske writes:

Volunteers at St Andrew’s Church in Barons Court have transformed the church grounds.  Across the project, over 300 “volunteer hours” were recorded and around 20 individuals gave their time. Over 200 bags of refuse were removed from the site.  More than 100 new plants of many varieties have been planted.

The garden looks a little new and wintry at the moment but it is all set to flourish in the spring.

Today the gardens were blessed by Archdeacon Stephan Welch. The Deputy Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham, Cllr Daryl Brown, gave a speech and opened the gardens.  She referred to the fact that plants prefer to live in groups, and that under the ground, plants share information and nutrients.

The little holly tree donated by W6 Garden Centre in Ravenscourt Park looks very comfortable and perfect for the spot.

Below the ground, plants form communities and share resources.   Above ground, volunteering and community spaces help to make communities thrive.garden1


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