Growing congestion of lorries along Hammersmith Grove causing misery for residents

The Hammersmith Grove Residents Association has produced this video about the growing problems with lorries and trucks.

I have raised the matter with Council officials and will let you know when I get a response..

2 thoughts on “Growing congestion of lorries along Hammersmith Grove causing misery for residents

  1. Sat navs and similar ‘apps’ might be part of the problem, but the Council is in a world of its own. It is more interested in gesture politics like imposing silly 20mph limits everywhere and cycling social engineering than tackling real problems, such as this, the plague of pedestrians glued to their mobile phones, or the box junction fine fiasco.

    Transport for London has loosely discussed ideas for making it unnecessary for the heaviest and most polluted lorries to go through inner London, but it would involve the various logistics companies combining to provide better ‘last mile’ distribution. It might also require changes to legal and insurance frameworks.

    • Agree with the first paragraph entirely. The 20mph limit on Askew Road is farcical. This wide road is an important artery linking Goldhawk Road and Uxbridge Road and 30mph is incontrovertibly the right limit.

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