Why does Hammersmith and Fulham Council ban vaping?

Research has established that there are no health risks from “passive vaping”. There is no law against vaping in public places. It is a highly effective method for smokers to give up. Yet Hammersmith and Fulham Council bans vaping on its premises – without being able to give any proper justification for doing so.

I wrote to Debbie Morris, the Director of Human Resources as follows:

“I was concerned to see from this FOI response that “staff and visitors are expected to vape outside” from Council premises.


Please note that Public Health England argue that we should make a distinction between smoking and vaping.


I would propose that council staff should be encouraged to give up smoking by being allowed to vape from their desks. Please may I have your comments.”

She replied:

“Thank you for your email dated 7th November. In response to your query ‘that council staff should be encouraged to give up smoking by being allowed to vape from their desks.’

“Vaping is covered under the same restrictions as cigarette smoking under the current workplace policy. All policies are regularly reviewed according to latest evidence. HR and Public Health are committed to a joined up tri-borough approach and policies relating to vaping will be reviewed jointly due to the rapidly emerging evidence base.”

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