The misery of waiting to turn into the Talgarth Road

Here is the traffic in Palliser Road from an hour ago waiting to turn into Talgarth Road:


Luxury. These motorists in Comeragh Road can only dream of being in Palliser Road.


Then there are those in Charleville Road with the aspiration to be in Gledstanes Roadcharlev


Or those in Queen’s Club Gardens hoping to make it into Greyhound Road


Or those in Musard Road clinging to the same ambition


Of course it is a Friday afternoon. But these scenes of traffic congestion in the streets of Baron’s Court are all too familiar.  Delay, pollution, congestion, misery. Motorists honking with frustration and anger.

Would it not make a big difference to these residential streets if the traffic lights into the Talgarth Road were re-phased to make it easier to turn? I suspect that traffic lights often do more harm than good.

4 thoughts on “The misery of waiting to turn into the Talgarth Road

  1. Yes, I too have experienced this Hell. These jams are some of the worst in the entire capital and should not be seen as inevitable – let’s spend some time on traffic light rephasing or even removal and find a solution.

  2. We understand.

    Would TfL do something about reducing traffic coming into London? ( I mean those who are “visiting ” London, not the residents)

    If out of town cars want to come into London in comfort of their own cars, maybe they could pay for the privilege , even a pound per person?

    • One way to do this is by restricting parking for non-residents, as is done in much of central London and the West End, even in the next-door borough of Kensington and Chelsea. By contrast, Hammersmith is awash with easy and relatively cheap parking for visitors, especially as car ownership levels are quite low so there are still some free spaces.

      The city of Oxford is a great example of an urban area which has successfully controlled car ingress by making parking very difficult and expensive.

      I live in a Zone K street as well and deeply wish the council would make sections of it residents only. I regularly help people with directions to the tube, or working the parking meter, who have driven into town from Birmngham or Southhampton, and who see Hammersmith as a great place to dump the vehicle before continuing their journey by public transport.

      Rather than look at overall utility, the council is too willing to follow the path of least resistance on parking and in an area where most people do not own cars there is always solid opposition to any introduction of resident only parking. The result is that Hammersmith has become a large park-and-ride carpark, with all the associated congestion and pollution.

      • Yes I am in Zone K too. Over the weekend people park here for Westfield as it is free and as a resident I often struggle to find a place. The Council couldn’t care less about this or the traffic jams of course, they agree with the cycling lobby that car drivers need to be punished in this way.

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