Weeds growing out of control through pavement cracks across Hammersmith and Fulham

These pictures happen to be from Overstone Road but they could any street in the borough. We are becoming engulfed with weeds. They are emerging through the cracks in the paving stones.

What is going on?

David Page, the Council’s Director for Safer Neighbourhoods, tells me:

“As you are aware the Leader said the council world stop spraying Glyphosate on its roads, footways, estates and parks.

“Glyphosate was used by both Serco and Quadron in these areas. We are currently assessing alternatives and are likely to trial two options over the autumn to understand which one best meets our needs before we choose one or the other.

“They are both water based options that use no chemicals and are completely green.”

I’m all for being as green as possible. But this is a shambles. The Council should have had the trial first to check if it worked. Instead we have stopped spraying Glyphosate and have even attempted to kill the weeds with anything else yet.


8 thoughts on “Weeds growing out of control through pavement cracks across Hammersmith and Fulham

  1. I saw a Serco worker hoeing the weeds in my road. The next time I passed he and his mates were sitting down. Somehow I don’t think that hoeing will make much of an impact.

  2. Incompetent and unacceptable. We are supposed to be part of a cutting-edge global city but instead our streets look abandoned and dysfunctional. What must any visitor or potential investor think? Embarrassing.

  3. I was beginning to notice and had started weeding. I am old enough to remember when every householder in London took it upon themselves to clear their own length of pavement of snow in the winter and weeds in the summer but relied on a weekly sweeper for clearing general litter. To maintain balance I must admit that there was also in those days a quite prolific quantity of canine deposits! If your area is untidy it is still quite simple to intervene yourself instead of waiting for the council to oblige.

  4. Glad I’m not the only one to notice. It’s becoming very third world! We keep the area outside our house clear but appear to be in the minority.

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