Bizarre road marking baffles Fulham’s motorists

This unusual road marking has appeared in Sherbrooke Road near the junction with Varna Road.

Perhaps it was intended to notify residents of the need 20mph speed limit but then the Council ran out of paint?


2 thoughts on “Bizarre road marking baffles Fulham’s motorists

  1. The photo also shows the pavement weeds which are springing up everywhere. My own road in Hammersmith is badly affected and looks very scruffy as a result. I understand that Serco have not done the usual summer weedkiller spray but there seems to be confusion over whether this is an oversight or a deliberate policy move, linked to reducing chemical usage. Either way it is yet another issue lending our borough a notably dirty and scruffy character – we seem to be leading the way on weeds, litter and rubbish bags on pavements.

  2. Maybe the workmen had a conscience about putting down the stupid 20mph markings and just downed tools? After all H&F Council lied to residents about majority support after its grossly one sided consultation that took residents for idiots. This has created a lot of bad feeling.

    The message is clearly that Cowan’s mob are in a world of their own with their own perverse priorities, when the rest of us would have preferred action on things like tidier streets. I can’t see Labour holding onto power in 2018 without the misleading hype on the hospital to prop up their racket.

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