Hammersmith and Fulham council still failing to tackle “neighbours from Hell”

The latest figures I have been sent show that Hammersmith and Fulham Council is being far too feeble when it comes to crime and anti social behaviour taking place on council estates in the borough.

There were 227 reports of anti social behaviour for 2015/16 where council tenants were the alleged perpetrators. Yet the number of evictions for ASB was just ten.

The council’s policy is to regard “eviction as a last resort”. This should be changed to a zero tolerance approach to the neighbours from Hell. Those found to have broken their tenancy
agreement by engaging in anti social behaviour should be evicted. The Council might see a soft approach towards yobs as “caring” I do not. One yob in a block of flats can cause misery for everyone else. Also there are plenty of decent people in overcrowded accommodation who are desperate for the chance to get a council tenancy.

Of course the allegations need to proven but there are specialist security firms that can gather evidence on persistent offenders – evidence that can stand up in court. Why aren’t the Council using

The eviction rate is pathetic.

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