Litter out of control in Ravenscourt Park

ravenscourtlitter1It was a lovely weekend in London due to the good weather. It was known it was going to be. The forecasts were accurate. Therefore it was predictable that many more people than usual would have picnics in our local parks.

Yet as these pictures sent to me from a local residents show the bins in Ravenscourt Park were not able to cope with the litter.

There is nothing new about this. Last year I wrote to the Council to say:

“We need more bins (and/or more frequent bin collections) in
Ravenscourt Park – especially in the summer. This is not just when
there are special events in the park. Routinely in the summer the bins
are overflowing.

“It would make sense for Quadrant to accommodate this request as it
would reduce litter. Emptying bins must be less work for them than
picking up litter.”

This was rejected by the Council who said:

“Adding new bins will  impact upon the budget and also add clutter to the park itself which has historically been a concern raised by local residents. Whilst we appreciate that adding more bins may lessen the need to litter pick directly, it will increase the need for collection to empty the bins, again impacting on the labour resource.”

ravenscourtlitter2It still seems to me obvious that either we need more bins or they need to be emptied more quickly.

Even when the bins are not overflowing there is the problem of the lack enforcement for those dropping litter.

So far this year the litter bugs have operated with impunity in Ravenscourt Park. The Council tell me:

ravenscourtlitter3“We have not noticed any specific litter offences but will always issue a Fixed Penalty Notice if we see litter being deposited – from a cigarette butt to drinks cans or larger items. ”

There has also been a decline in the £80 Fixed Penalty Notices for dog fouling. There were 37 issued in our parks in 2014 but 11 last year. Yet complaints have increased – from 541 in 2014 to 716 last year.

Local parks should be sanctuaries for beauty and recreation.

This slide in the standard of cleanliness is unacceptable.

More community gardening, made possible by W6 Garden Centre

Cllr Caroline ffiske writes:IMG_1614

Have you visited the W6 Garden Centre in Ravenscourt Park? It’s gorgeous and has one of the best spots in Hammersmith for an outdoor coffee and cake.

Recently I asked the manager if any unsaleable plants could be donated to community gardening efforts.  I’m glad I gardeningasked!  The centre had previously donated plants to the Friends of Marcus Garvey Park who have transformed that small park in Avonmore by all their work.

Within a week of asking I had a large number of plants crowded into my small front garden.  Delivered for free by W6.

gardening 3About half of them have now begun a new life on the Lytton Estate, planted by a couple of locals – who were helped by small children who apparently took great delight in digging, peering at bugs, and making their home more beautiful.  The photos – of a small selection of the plants – also show daffodils, planted by residents, and still going strong.

Thank you to W6. Please check it out for a coffee.