4 thoughts on “Rally for Brexit at Hammersmith Town Hall on Tuesday May 31st

  1. I trust you are going to give equal billing to a stay in event! Angela On 11 May 2016 15:59, “Hammersmith and Fulham Forum” wrote:

    > harryphibbs posted: “” >

  2. I am concerned that the poster doesn’t make any mention of the fact that it’s a pro-Brexit rally. (OK, it does say ‘Leave’ in tiny letters at the bottom). Someone not au courant with leading figures in the various campaigns might be confused into thinking this is going to be a balanced presentation putting all sides of the argument. Why so coy?

    • Anyone not on holiday on Mars would know that UKIP MP Carswell wants out, Lord Owen is a convert and Hannan has also written for the popular press for Brexit. The rally will at least allow the public to ask testing questions from any point of view.

      The anti-Brexit camp could have organised a rally, but who would attend it? Judging by the insipid quality of the leaflets The In Campaign have been giving out in Hammersmith and the monotonous droning on by Project Fear, who would remotely be interested in enduring more of the hype?

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