More community gardening, made possible by W6 Garden Centre

Cllr Caroline ffiske writes:IMG_1614

Have you visited the W6 Garden Centre in Ravenscourt Park? It’s gorgeous and has one of the best spots in Hammersmith for an outdoor coffee and cake.

Recently I asked the manager if any unsaleable plants could be donated to community gardening efforts.  I’m glad I gardeningasked!  The centre had previously donated plants to the Friends of Marcus Garvey Park who have transformed that small park in Avonmore by all their work.

Within a week of asking I had a large number of plants crowded into my small front garden.  Delivered for free by W6.

gardening 3About half of them have now begun a new life on the Lytton Estate, planted by a couple of locals – who were helped by small children who apparently took great delight in digging, peering at bugs, and making their home more beautiful.  The photos – of a small selection of the plants – also show daffodils, planted by residents, and still going strong.

Thank you to W6. Please check it out for a coffee.

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